Dokya Thai Health & Beauty is a Thai focused Skin, Hair, & Wellness shop located on the world wide web.

A Family Owned Business

What does “Dokya” mean? The literal English translation of the word “Dokya” is “flowers by the grass”.

In 2015 we founded Dokya Thai Health & Beauty as a constituent of Dokya Thai Books & Music after realizing that our bread and butter business in traditional books was on the decline.

However, the need for quality skin care and health products was on the rise, as consumers became even more educated on the benefits of using natural and organic ingredients. With our deep knowledge of all-things Thai (plus our very own scientists in house) we bring to you selected authentic herbal hair and skin care products, imported with love from Thailand.

Although our passion for books will never cease, we are proudly invite you to incorporate these healthful and top-notch Thai products into your daily hygiene routine.

Thank you for stopping by. Khop Khun Ka!