ABHAIBHUBEJHR Bua Pai Khao Herbal Night Gel


A natural blend of extracts combined to nourish the skin throughout the night.

For skin nourishment and anti-inflammatory defense.

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Product Details

Bua Pai Khao stands for Bamboo Extract (Pai) Lotus Extract (Bua), Rice/Rice Bran Extract (Khao) respectively. These ingredients combine to nourish the face through antioxidants and minerals that lead to a brighter complexion. Not only can these ingredients help control sebum production to balance out oily skin, but can also hydrate and improve elasticity over extended usage as well. Due to the lotus root containing vitamin A, this night gel helps reduce inflammation and promotes healing to those affected by acne or similar skin conditions during the course of your sleep. 50 g


Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Mangosteen, Orange, Rice Brown, Turmeric


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