This green balm has a soothing effect good for numbing external inflammation.

Reduce soreness from daily work by applying this powerful blend of 5 herbs on top of the affected area.

Hop-Headed Barleria

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  • Saled Pangpon (Barleria Lupulina or Hop-Headed Barleria) Oil
  • Thunbergia Laurifolia
  • Tiliacora Triandra
  • Pandanus Amaryllifolius (Pandan Leaf)
  • Borneo Camphor
  • Eucalyptus Camphor
Product Details

Bamboo Grass Way’s 5 herb balm is applied on to the skin for external use only. Its green color comes from pandan leaves which are found and cultivated in many South East Asian countries. This product relieves pain from various causes such as insect bites, burned skin, itchiness, muscle fatique, and tendon inflammation to name a few. A great balm to keep around the house for overall pain relief. 50 or 100g


50g, 100g