MAEPHORN (SURATHANI) Thai Jungle Curry Paste (เครื่องแกง แม่พร พริกแกงป่า)


A delicious Thai jungle curry in an easy to use concentrate.

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  • Chilies 37%
  •  Lemongrass 20%
  •  Galanga 18%
  •  Turmeric 12%
  •  White pepper 5%
  •  Salt 4%
  •  Kaffir lime leave 4%
Other Information

This delicious curry paste is made from southern recipes from Surat Thani province packaged in a vacuum seal bag. Fresh and clean. No color/preservative/MSG added. Easy to use, save time cooking. Does not contain Shrimp Paste. Approximately 50g of curry paste for 1-2 people, 80g of curry paste for 3-4 people. Recommendation – in a sauce pan, add curry paste with a small amount of oil until aromatic, then add 150g of coconut milk until boiling, then add protein. After protein is cooked, add 2 tablespoon of palm sugar and 2 tablespoon of fish sauce, add holy basil leaves, chopped spur chilies, and kaffir lime leaves. Recommended ratio ~80g curry paste to 300-500g of proteins. Keep opened package refrigerated. 500 g

Product of Thailand


Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Mangosteen, Orange, Rice Brown, Turmeric


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