Mucuna Pruriens DC. Herbal Capsules


Take Mucuna Prurien (also known as “Mamui” in Thai) for its anti-depressant, libido boosting, and testosterone supplementing propeties

Potent capsules, packed with natural bioactive compounds to make daily life sweeter


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  • Mucuna Pruriens DC. (“Mamui” in Thai)
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Known as “the magic velvet bean”, Mucuna Prurien is the formal name for the black to brown legumes found in Thailand and other tropical Asian countries. Used commonly among males for the management of infertility (testosterone booster) and those affected by nervous system illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease due to its anti-oxidant activity. However, men and women both seek this herbal supplementation for its anti-depressant and libido boosting properties.


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