OTOP BAHN RAI Bael Fruit Herbal Tea


Therapeutic effects in the realm of gastrointestinal disorders, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular diseases.

Take advantage of the minerals and antioxidants of the Bael fruit for better health.

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The Bael fruit is known by many names such as Aegle Marmelos, Bengal Quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, or stone & wood apple. This hard smoothed-shell fruit comes from a tree found all throughout South East Asia with a variety of uses ranging from medicinal to culinary. The fruit itself can grow as large as a grapefruit! Some of the most popular benefits of Otop’s Bahn Bai Bael fruit tea includes reducing blood glucose levels, protecting against gastrointestinal problems, controlling cholesterol levels, and preventing inflammatory complications. With large roots in Indian Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine, this tea’s therapeutic effects come from the minerals such as calcium and vitamins as well as antioxidant compounds extracted from the fruit. 15 Tea Bags, 33.75 g


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