Turmeric Herbal Capsules


Treat inflammatory conditions including arthritis, joint pain, flatulence, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, hemorrhage, toothache, bruises, and chest pain, to name a few.

Powerful nutritional capsules, packed with anti-inflammatory properties.


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  • Turmeric (Curcuma Longa Linn.)
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Turmeric, known as Curcuma Longa Linn., is a bright orange-yellow herb that originated from India. This herb has been used as a spice in many Asian cuisine giving a pungent and mild taste to dishes. With its deep roots in both Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine (Traditional Indian Medicine), turmeric has become one of the more popular supplement choices for people who have pain and stiffness in their joints caused by arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties from the active ingredient, curcumin. Curcumin is a potent chemical compound found in Turmeric but also related herbs such as ginger which has been shown to reduce swelling and inflammation by inhibiting major inflammatory agents caused by both internal and external factors. Turmeric has often been overlooked as a supplement as it is popularly found as one of the main ingredients in asian curries. Not only does it contain anti-inflammatory properties but also anti-oxidant properties that has been shown in some studies to stop cancer cell growth and metastases. With an extensive list of proven benefits, turmeric is a dietary supplement not to miss!

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