An Herbal Argument For Your Teeth

Toothepaste Today

Many toothpaste on the market today are specifically designed to kill bacteria and leave mouths feeling fresh. There is no wonder why most toothpastes are considered drugs instead of cosmetics! Scientists formulate in harsh chemical ingredients for various purposes and end up adding more synthetic chemicals to balance out the previous. Certain ingredients in your toothpaste can cause more harm in the long run for oral health.


Let’s look at the heavily marketed, Fluoride. An active drug ingredient, Fluoride has been shown in many studies to be effective in reducing dental cavities in low doses. Although scientifically proven to prevent tooth decay, Fluoride ions, which come from various Fluoride salts are toxic at higher dosages. That’s not to say that these Fluoride containing toothpastes are dangerous, but they can be irritants to those who are sensitive to the ingredient causing inflammation of gums or even acne. You can be having external complications and not even know that they are caused orally when you use your toothpaste to brush your teeth!  Another popular ingredient that can cause more harm than good is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, known simply as SLS for short. This chemical is a foaming agent found in many toothpaste and hair care products to create foam for a more lathering effect. Unfortunately, this ingredient is a known irritant and its effect can be different from one person to another. The list goes on with other common ingredients that come with their own vices.

Now What?

Don’t panic. First and foremost, it is important to know that the act of brushing your teeth is actually the most effective way of cleaning. Even by brushing with plain water, you are actively removing solid particles of food that can potentially be harmful if left on your teeth and inside your mouth for an extended amount of time. The next variable to the equation is incorporating something that can kill bacteria caused by the residuals left over from food. That’s where toothpaste comes in.

But You Just Said Toothpaste Can Cause More Harm! What Gives?

Toothpaste is important for eliminating bacteria. Bacteria that lives inside your mouth cause damage to your teeth and gums everyday. Certain bacteria  make your mouth is also responsible for your bad breath. A safe alternative to toothpaste on the market today is an herbal toothpaste. Usually made with ingredients such as mint and other herbs, these natural breath fresheners will leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed just as effectively.

An Effective Alternative

An herbal toothpaste is a natural alternative to the popular chemical-filled toothpaste. Using these products that contain all natural antibacterial peppermint or spearmint oils to eliminate bacteria will keep you and your family’s oral hygiene healthy. You can be assured that the natural chemical found in these herbal toothpaste are the same ones found in your food. Remember, there are people who consume these herbs in their regular diet around the world!

Spending time and care in oral health can greatly influence your general health and well-being. It is crucial to know that the dental products you are using are made with organic and essential oils so that they can protect you from bad breath, canker sores, gum diseases, and tooth decay.