It's simple. Take a look at the benefits!

Located on the Indochinese peninsula in mainland Southeast Asia, Thailand’s culture is rich as its beautiful land. Surrounded by four other countries, the cultural influences of Thailand are shaped by the topography of its region and the unique cultivation of their neighbors.

Take Thai cuisine as an example. Thai food is a strong representation of the country’s utilization of its tropical landscape that spans the continent. Many of the exotic fruits, herbs, and plants that are grown in the region are incorporated into age-old and modern dishes alike. As the popularity of Thai cuisine grew worldwide, people from all over the world started to take notice of the ingredients. What did they find? Not only are the ingredients delicious in Thai food, they promote better overall health benefits!

Little did people know, the indigenous people of Thailand have been incorporating these ingredients into personal care products for many generations. Several ingredients such as basil, mangosteen, and turmeric that have ancient ties to Chinese and Indian traditional medicine are popular ingredients in soaps, shampoos, and supplements. Overtime, scientists have discovered ways to isolate and publish papers on some of these ingredients that offer extensive health and beauty benefits that range from immune boosting and disease fighting to skin cleansing and hair restoration.

Thanks to Thailand’s wet tropical and dry savanna climate, many of the country’s most beloved natural ingredients can be grown and sourced locally making them easily accessible as raw ingredients themselves or in health and beauty products. Its no wonder Thai ingredients are so popular; just take a look at their benefits!